How can I get affordable car insurance in Florida?

If you are going through a tough time financially, or just recently lost your job, you will realize how quickly your affordable car insurance will go from nice to absolutely necessary. We all know how easy it is to find cut-rate insurance. However, is it really the best way to go? It is possible to find the coverage you need at an affordable price, all you need to do is to collect a Florida car insurance quote. In order to find the best rates out there from insurers, you will need to find out what type of coverage you must carry, be sure to review the company’s reputation on the web and make sure that you take advantage of every discount available to you. When it gets down to finding affordable car insurance in Florida, you are the best decision maker. However, we understand it isn’t easy to take on that huge role. The main rule when it comes to great insurance is to never ever settle for the first quote or company you come across! Be sure that you shop around and collect the best car insurance in Florida according to Here is how you can receive the lowest car insurance rates out there. Keep these tips in mind when you begin to shop for car insurance coverage in Florida.

Start with your car

What you will pay for auto insurance will greatly depend on your cars year, make, and model. However, the newer your vehicle is along with the price, the higher the premium you will have.

Be sure you know your limits

Many states have set minimums for the liability coverage you receive. Be sure to look up the minimums required on the web. If you decide to take out a loan for your car, it will be a requirement to carry a certain level of coverage on it.

You can take the highest deductible

The easiest way to lower your premium is to increase your deductible.

Be sure to check your credit score

Did you know that your credit score affects your rates?  Some state allows insurance agents to check your credit history when calculating your premium. If you have bad credit due to overdue bills then you could end up paying more. By following these few guidelines you will be able to find affordable car insurance in FL at Just remember to take your time to review everything carefully. Be sure to collect a Florida car insurance quote as it will be your guide to determine the best rates.

Jenson Button to co-host Top Gear?

British tabloid Daily Mail has launched an interesting rumor about Jenson Button co-hosting Top Gear alongside Chris Evans. Top Gear as we all know it came to an end on March 25 when BBC announced Jeremy Clarkson’s exit from the popular car show and shortly after that colleagues and friends James May and Richard Hammond said they won’t do TG without Jezza.

How To Remove Sap From Your Car

Sap is a natural element that can damage the paint job of a car. This substance is commonly thought to just come from the sap of trees. However, it is also undigested excrement from insects left on branches and leaves. No matter how well the exterior surface of a vehicle is maintained or kept waxed, damage will still occur from sap left on a car too long.

If tree sap is not removed as quickly as possible, the surface of the area will be affected. Rising temperatures softens the paint on a car. As the sap dries and hardens, so does the paint around and under it causing an uneven texture After a while, the sap will turn black, leave a stain, pit or dull the paint.

The affected area or the entire car should first be washed with warm water to soften the hardened sap. Using a pressure washer provides the right amount of pressure without harming the exterior. A car washing mitt or sponge should be used with hot water and a good car wash product. Applying slight pressure while washing with side to side motions over the sap helps loosen the debris. The car can then be rinsed with warm water.

A clay bar is a synthetic resin substance similar to play clay. This pliable cleaning bar fits in the palm of the hand and is a safe and effective way to clean paint under the surface without harm. The bar should first be softened by squeezing in the hands. Then a spray clay lubricant must be applied to the bar and affected area. A clay bar should never be used on a dry surface or without the appropriate clay lubricant. Gentle rubbing motions across the spot loosens the sap and causes the debris to adhere to the sticky clay bar.

The entire car should again be washed and rinsed after the sap is lifted off. The vehicle can then be dried with a soft, dry cloth. Applying a coat of wax to the area will brighten any dullness caused by the sap. This will also provide a protective coating.

Other methods that can be used to remove sap include applying nail polish remover with a cotton ball to the affected area. The spot should then be washed with a mixture of water and baking soda and rinsed with warm water. Mineral spirits or turpentine may also be applied with a soft cloth. Again, the area should be washed and rinsed thoroughly after removal of the sap.

Rubbing alcohol, WD-40 or lighter fluid left on the sap for a few minutes will dissolve the debris and make it easier to rub off. Cleaning products purchased from a local automotive dealer such as tar and bug remover are also effective in removing dried sap.

The best way to stop sap from dropping on your car is to avoid parking under any trees. If this is not possible, then following these methods to remove sap from your car will save the paint job and maintain a beautiful appearance.